Goal Scoring Advantage (player up/down)
Drill Diagram

Key Points

Small sided playing with a man up or a man down


4V4 or 5V5 small sided game with small goals.

Play a small sided game with no goal keepers. When a team scores a goal the goal scorer must go off the field and that team players one player less until the other team scores a goal.

If the team with one player less scores another goal (while short) that goal is worth 2 the goal scorer must also come off. If the team with 2 players down scores again, that is worth 3.

If the team with the correct number of players scores, the scorer comes off and the other team returns the player who came off first.


20x30 yard grid (adjust based on numbers)
Scrimmage vests
8 cones-playing area (4) two goals (4)