Passing & Receiving Circuit
Drill Diagram

Key Points

Passing & receiving with fitness. Crisp passes


Break up into 2. One group has each player with a ball on the outside of the practice area. The other group starts at a ladder in the middle of the practice area. The first player at each ladder starts by going through the ladder using the 2 step run (both feet must touch the ground in between each ladder box. After finishing the ladder they immediately receive a pass from the outside players. Move down the line and receive a pass from each before going through the other ladder and receive passes from players on the other side. Keep repeating for 1-2 minutes before switching roles.
Progress: different footwork restrictions for the ladder run.
Outside passers serve balls in the air with your hands and have volley, thigh, chest and head back.


2 ladders (use cones if you do not have ladders
all the balls with the players on the outside.
Have an extra ball next to each player in case a ball goes a stray.