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Small Sided Support

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Dribble With Head Up
Outside Player Support


Divide the team in half. Set up 4 gates on each side of the field. This shows 3v3. Use one ball per team. 20X30 yard field

The first player on each team dribbles into either half of the field and must dribble through 3 gates in their half before passing to the next player in line. The receiving player should move down the line to support the player before receiving the pass. Once the pass is received the second player must dribble thru 3 gates on the other half of the field. The sequence continues until each player has gone.

Require players to dribble through ever other gate on each half of the field.
If you have 4 players on each team use two balls with each team.


Make it a contest on which team finishes first.


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