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Short Diagonal

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Passing and receiving--you need thinkers to get this one.


Red player starts with the ball and passes to the player in the corner to their right. Red player checks to the player they passed to and gets the pass back and immediately passes across the field to the player at the other corner and the red player goes to the next cone.
All players move in a counter clockwise direction.
This pattern continues-pass, check to the ball, pass across. This is a continuous drill.

Progress: two balls at once. Start with a ball in opposite corners and make sure the players start at the same time.

If you have more then 5 players add a player to each cone. Once you have 10 players set up another box and having two running at the same time.


Min 6 players to start this drill.
4 cones 10X10 yard grid
2 balls.
For U10 & above


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