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First Touch Square

Drill Diagram

Drill Diagram

Drill Diagram

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Key Points

Angle before pass

Receive on back foot

open up body


6 players 4 balls, X work together and so do 0. The side players have to stay on the side but can move up and down there line. X1 and O1 check to receive the ball from a player on their team then the play it back to them move across and do the same with the other team mate.

+ go down to one ball per team and do the same thing but when X1/O1 receive the ball now they turn and play it to opposite team mate, They then check to get it back and repeat.

+ go down to one ball and play 3v1 keep away, side players must still stay on the side they can be tackles but can not steel the ball.


Make competitive middle players must keep count of passes in 1min.

Make sure you swap players around


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