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La Croqueta-Online Soccer Academy

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Sponsor Image The video below is by Jared Montz. He is a former pro and founder of OnlineSoccerAcademy.com and BelieveinitApparel.com .

Key Points

-Push the ball at speed using the inside of your dominant foot across your body towards your non dominant foot.
-Make sure the ball doesn't move forward toward the defender. You want it to move across your body.
-Pass the ball forward to yourself 2-3 steps ahead of you and past the defender with the inside of your non dominant foot.


How to do the La Croqueta

Part 1 - Practice doing the La Croqueta without the ball from a stand still to get your body use to how it will feel.

Part 2 - Now practice with the ball from a stand still. Go slow in the beginning and then as you feel comfortable increase the speed of the move. Do the move, change pace then repeat.

Part 3 - Set up four cones. A start cone and 5 yards ahead of it are two cones about 2-3 steps apart from each other. Then place your end cone about 10 yards up the field.

Dribble by walking slowly up to the cone on your dominant foot side, for me this would be the cone on my right side, do the La Croqueta, don't let the ball hit the cones, then accelerate to the top cone as fast as you can. Light jog back and repeat.

Once you are comfortable from a walk, then start increasing your run up speed up to a medium pace. Repeat until you master it!


Equipment Needed:
You will need a ball and 4 cones for this exercise.


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