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Back to back goal(keeping shape)

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goal scoring game with quick decision making,


5V5 6V6 7V7 or 8V8 with goal set up back to back in the middle of the field. You can use pop up goals with no goalkeepers or bigger goals with one or two GK. If you use only 1 GK they must protect both goals. The team with the ball can only go to goal after they dribble through
one of the outside gates set up in the four corners.
Goals can be scored on either goal.
When the other team dribbles through one of the outside
gates that opens the goals for this team and closes the goals for the other team. Only one team has the goal open at a time.


1 ball
2 goals
8 cones to for goal opening targets.
Change the field of play quickly to attack goal opening targets.
long ball to attack opposite goal when there is traffic in front of the goal.


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