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soccer horseshoes

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Horseshoe game with soccer balls


This game has similar rules to horse shoes. Set a cone at least 10-15 yards apart where teams of two will compete. One player from each team stands near the cone on each side. (the horse shoe pit).2 balls on one side to start the game. Player from one team passes the ball towards the cone on the opposite side and their partner tries to tap it as close to the cone as possible. If the pass is going to be short of the cones the partner can try to flick the ball towards the cone but can only touch the ball once. Players can only touch the ball when it is moving-if it stops before they touch it--the ball stays where it is. The closest to the cone gets one point, if the ball is touching the cone it is worth 3 points.

You cannot use the sole of your foot to stop or move the ball.

For older players-the ball must be played in the air to the partner.


2 cones/game.
2 balls per game 2 V 2


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Posted by tisaacson on 09/28/11

add 2 balls it was a lot of fun

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