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6V6 with keepers (support)

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Small sided game with small goals.
Involves a large #of players.


Two teams of 6-8 (adjust depending on your numbers)
4-6 on the outside in the offensive zone
2 attackers from each team in the middle with goalies (small goal)
2V2 in the middle of the field. Attackers use your outside support to get a shot on goal off a pass.

If the a goal is scored or a shot is saved the goalie distributes the ball to their team on the outside in the offensive area.
Play this for 2-3 minutes then switch middle players.
Progress: restrict outside players to 1-2 touches.


Field size: 20X30
6 cones
2 goals

Attacker must move quickly and go to goal.
Use the outside support.
Defenders must get back quickly.


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