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3 player combination

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Fast moving combination drill.
Numerous drills to progress off this one.
Combo drill 2 & 3


Player at cone #1 starts with the ball
and passed to player at cone #2. Player at cone #2
drops the ball back and runs around
the cone & gets behind cone#3.
At the same time the player at cone#3 runs forward
and receives a pass from player at cone#1 into space.
All players move up one cone

If you have more than 7 players add players
to the lines with players 2 & 3.


6-7 players per group.
3-4 balls
6 cones
Add a small goal (instead of cones to dribble through)
Put a GK in goal and finish with a shot.


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2 comments found

Posted by NEW YORK on 03/17/12

very nice

Posted by CarlosL on 05/17/13

Excellent drill, as it gets everybody going. I used with 8 players, with 1 at cone 3, 2 at cone 2, and the rest in line at cone 1 at the beginning of the drill. We used 2 balls, with the 2nd one served as soon as the player at cone 3 started to dribble with the ball. Even better when you progress with the shooting on goal just after passing "the gate" (the two cones). At this stage, every player needs a ball; shooter collects her ball.

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